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Safe and sound

Customise and seamlessly connect multiple sites

Staff and visitor safety is a critical priority for businesses. Increasing your business' WHS compliance protects your staff, visitors and customers. Ticked Off provides your business with tools that automate safety processes and enhance individual accountability.

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Site-specific safety

A regional warehouse and a flagship store in the heart of the city are two very different things. Ticked Off allows you to create site-specific WHS rules and procedures and share documents seamlessly, ensuring the effective management of risks.

Always on

Due to complexity, it can be easy for health and safety to slip down the priority list. Using simple yet effective automation, Ticked Off ensures processes are integrated. Connect your users with relevant information and documentation in a timely, always on manner.

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Traffic management

Staff come and go as businesses grow, and depending on your business, visitors can be plentiful. Ticked Off not only tracks and reports on your visitation via a QR code scanning system but stores all relevant documentation. Ticking the WHS box in a meaningful way provides you with peace of mind.

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Learn how Ticked Off can help you to reduce financial waste and increase efficiency, with one simple solution.

Maintaining a safe workplace is essential – now, more than ever

Managing on-site safety with Ticked Off empowers your entire team, both staff and contractors, to work with a safety-first mindset.