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Connect your teams with tasks

Unlock the true potential of your operations with unlimited intelligent checklists

Ticked Off provides a platform to effectively raise, share, track and report on tasks across your entire business. Providing real-time insights and reporting keeps your teams accountable and your business profitable.

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Keep track of tasks

Keeping track of tasks on email, text, slack etc is asking for trouble. Ticked Off ensures everyone involved, from coordinators to senior management, is on the same page via a connected mobile app and web-platform.

Universal accountability

Accountability can be fickle in big businesses. Ticked Off ensures all team members are accountable by connecting actions with individuals. Ensuring nothing is forgotten, and everything is taken care of.

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Customisation meets automation

Established processes build strong businesses. Ticked Off allows users to easily create, automate, and adapt recurring, entirely customisable checklists. Maximising efficiency without compromising on specificity.

Get started with a Ticked Off demo

Learn how Ticked Off can help you to reduce financial waste and increase efficiency, with one simple solution.

Specialty Fashion Group saved over $2 Million in maintenance costs

A new way of managing repairs & maintenance enabled SFG to identify underperforming contractors, implement preventative maintenance, and stop paying for repairs covered by warranty.