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Eyes on the prize

Forecast, track and adapt with real-time reporting.

Understanding what is happening in a business at any time is difficult - but can be exceptionally valuable. Ticked Off collates and interprets your data. Providing you with a top-down view of your operations via smart dashboards. Allowing you accurately forecast, track and adapt as needed.

Reporting TickedOff Artboards-26-26
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Flawless forecasting

Without accurate data, forecasting is flawed. Ticked Off adds validity to your reporting, collating and interpreting your data accurately. Empowering you to look forward with complete confidence.

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Live monitoring

Every business operates at the whim of its industry, customers and employees. Those that adapt and respond, thrive. Ticked Off provides you with a live feed of your business's operational health, which allows you to react quickly, solve problems and maximise opportunities.

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Reflect and learn

Reflecting upon and analysing your processes can provide you with future-proof insights. Ticked Off produces entirely customisable reports that allow you to accurately assess your performance. Empowering you to learn from the past and strategise for the future.

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Learn how Ticked Off can help you to reduce financial waste and increase efficiency, with one simple solution.

Specialty Fashion Group saved over $2 Million in maintenance costs

A new way of managing repairs & maintenance enabled SFG to identify underperforming contractors, implement preventative maintenance, and stop paying for repairs covered by warranty.