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Managed Service

No stress maintenance management

We’ll make it happen: fully transparent maintenance management

Effectively managing maintenance and repairs requires efficient processes and specific expertise. Ticked Off's managed service provides both. Combining the best in automated tech with industry knowledge and qualified suppliers. Ensure that your every need, from faulty fridges to leaky taps, is taken care of.

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Minimum input, maximum output

"You get out what you put in" - so the saying goes. Not quite! Ticked Off's managed maintenance service requires minimal input. Free up time and resources to allocate where your business needs them most to maximise your growth opportunities.

Operational transparency

Even if you are not involved in a particular project, you want eyeballs on the process. Ticked Off provides you with complete transparency at every step, from resource procurement to documentation. Allowing you to check in and out of each project with ease.

Tried and tested supplier network

Sourcing external resources for your business can be a risk. Ticked Off has an established database of suppliers for every profession across every location. Ensure you have peace of mind whenever a new supplier is on-site.

Powerful data

Informed decisions are impossible without quality data. Ticked Off not only collates and aggregates your data but interprets it. Providing you with actionable insights to refine processes, increase efficiencies and save money across your business.

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Excellent user experience

For software to be effective, it must be engaging. Ticked Off prioritises the user above all else. Providing a neat, streamlined and integrated user experience that increases engagement and effectiveness.


● Retail
● Health
● Education
● Hospitality
● Property Management & Construction

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Specialty Fashion Group saved over $2 Million in maintenance costs

A new way of managing repairs & maintenance enabled SFG to identify underperforming contractors, implement preventative maintenance, and stop paying for repairs covered by warranty.