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Fully managed repairs and maintenance 

Control, manage, and eliminate errors in your repairs and maintenance function by using Ticked Off’s end-to-end repairs and maintenance across Australia and New Zealand. 

One Solution, Everything Handled

Hand over your entire repairs and maintenance function for flawless execution, comprehensive service, and perfect visibility. Plus bring your own favourite contractors. 


Join the growing number of businesses transforming how they manage repairs and maintenance, assets, and safety with Ticked Off

Ticked Off Managed Services are used and loved by quality businesses across Australia and New Zealand.


Start using Ticked Off today 

  • Start using the intuitive app with a near zero learning curve, your staff will pick it up in seconds.
  • Make requests in seconds, approve with permissions, track with photos and other documentation.
  • Contractors perform repairs and maintenance across Australia and New Zealand.
  • Eliminate admin such as spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, multiple invoicing, reporting, missed items, follow-ups, and more...

The Uber of Retail Maintenance

Ticked Off is the Uber of retail repairs and maintenance.

Use our simple software to request, manage, and track jobs and projects throughout your organisation. Get connected with high-performance contractors to get the job done at the click of a button and track performance in detail. 



Simple is an understatement. Watch your teams pick up their devices and start noticing items requiring action in seconds. 



The Ticked Off managed service scales as you do. Automate the mundane jobs and know your repairs and maintenance are handled.



Don’t try and fit a square peg in a round hole. We work with you to customise the Ticked Off service to work with your existing workflows.

Get started with a Ticked Off demo

Learn how Ticked Off Retail Managed Services can help you to reduce financial waste and increase efficiency, with one simple solution.

With an intuitive interface, powerful task management features, contractors covering Australia and New Zealand, innovative reporting and visibility tools, Ticked Off is the best solution to streamline your repairs and maintenance.

Never Look For Another Contractor Again

  • Use our tested and proven repairs and maintenance contractors to service every corner of Australia and New Zealand.
  • Avoid hiring delays and mistakes by using our proven systems, processes and personnel.
  • Make your repairs and maintenance hassle-free by viewing and approving every request from your phone.
  • 24/7 availability so critical repairs are always covered.
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Contractor Performance Management

  • Centralised Contractor listing for all sites, categories, and requirements.
  • Automated contractor insurances, licenses, and registrations management.
  • Track contractor time on site, performance, and cost via PowerBi reports.
  • Easily on-board your existing Contractors or access Ticked Off Managed Services when you need help.
  • Configure rate cards based on category, location, and priority to match existing contracts in place.

Single Bill With Centralised Asset Management

  • Get automatically managed warranties, service agreements, knowledge based and service reports against each asset, including managed landlord responsibilities.
  • Setup hands-off ad-hoc, programmed, and preventative maintenance.
  • Insights into which location, asset, or job category is costing you more and take action before it becomes a problem.
  • Reduce the admin of processing multiple invoices. Switch to single-bill for all contractors across every location.
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Workplace Health and Safety, without the paperwork! 

  • Skip painful paperwork with QR sign-in Contractor/Visitor sign in/out with remote access.
  • Create your own site-specific safety audit, actions, and assign for action.
  • Identify hazards, action immediately, and track trends through automated reporting.
  • Track Contractor time on site, performance, and simple star-rated 2-way feedback.
  • Free e-checklists ensure the job is done right each time.

Better visibility with centralised reporting

  • Keep your finger on the pulse with easy access to data you need to make fast, informed decisions.
  • Monitor and report on contractor SLA performance and internal activity.
  • Build reports to quickly drill into your data to see how your assets, sites, staff and suppliers are performing.

Why are Ticked Off Managed Services so good? 

Ticked Off simplifies, automates, and has contractors perfrom the work for you

  • Never look for another contractor again!
  • See and track every request on your phone.
  • Full history including all photos, files, documents, warranties, and reports are easily available and searchable in one secure location.
  • Everyone automatically updated with progress, site access, and documentation.
  • Choose who approves requests and quotes to avoid frivolous requests.
  • Fully customisable to meet your specific requirements.
  • Access everything from anywhere.
  • Bring your own favourite contractors.
  • Choose the type of reports your CEO, CFO, and Operations Team need and when.
  • We service every corner of Australia and New Zealand including programmed and preventative maintenance.
  • 27/7 availability.
  • Free QR visitor/contractor sign-in and induction allows full tracking and reporting.
  • Free checklist functionality.
  • Free PowerBi reporting on spend, performance, and comparisons to retail industry averages.
  • Easy access and visibility into our performance.
  • No lock-in contracts, like Uber you only pay for what you use.
  • Automatically manage permissions via AzureAD.
  • Single bill, no more set up or processing of multiple invoices.
  • We automatically manage all warranties and defect liability periods.
  • Managed landlord agreed responsibilities.

Want to know more, including pricing?

Already have a great network of contractors? Our world-class management software for retailers might be a better fit. Here's how we compare:




Asset Management

Ad hoc and preventative maintenance

Documents and files


Finance integration


Leading app design with 100% uptime


Offline functions available


Unlimited user accounts


Management / approval hierarchy


E-checklists and associated tasks


Internal job management


Auto nomination workflows


Contractor management


Sign in functionality


Lease management integration







You’re in good company

"Since using Ticked Off we have been able to streamline our store maintenance system, reduce workload for our Retail Management Teams, speed up the process of repairs, and control our maintenance costs. In a market where we need to be putting our best foot forward in our store presentation, Ticked Off is a valuable tool."