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Contractor management

Reduce the cost of contractors

Easily integrate, manage and assess contractors and 3rd party vendors

Procuring and managing external resources can cost much more than the amount invoiced when factoring in procurement and management. Ticked Off integrates external contractors into your internal workflows. Establishing clear lines of communication, supplier and location-specific rules and automating processes. Allowing you to manage contractors on your terms, without the hassle.

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Consolidate procurement

The procurement of external contractors has many moving parts. Ticked Off consolidates all parts of the process, from sourcing local vendors to sharing tasks and progress updates. Keep all of your contractors, tasks and projects in one place.

Shortcut pedantic processes

Streamline your procurement operations to optimise efficiency. Ticked Off allows you to establish and automate contractor procurement and management details, such as rates and site-specific rules.

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Track and assess progress

Keeping tabs on your contractors and projects is no easy task. Ticked Off not only allows you to allocate tasks to contractors and encourage them with automated, visual queues and info such as instructional videos. But tracking, assessing, and sharing their performance through powerful dashboards that keep them accountable and you in control.

Get started with a Ticked Off demo

Learn how Ticked Off can help you to reduce financial waste and increase efficiency, with one simple solution.

Specialty Fashion Group saved over $2 Million in maintenance costs

A new way of managing repairs & maintenance enabled SFG to identify underperforming contractors, implement preventative maintenance, and stop paying for repairs covered by warranty.