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Asset management

Keep tabs on your tech, tools & property

Reap the rewards of adequately organised, automated asset management

Keeping track of assets effectively across any business, big or small, can be challenging. Ticked Off simplifies tracking, automates the management and provides reporting on all asset categories. Allowing you to not only manage but maximise the value of your assets.

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Network your assets

By linking business assets with relevant documentation such as user manuals and warranty details, cost savings are immediate. Enjoy full access and control while avoiding paying for work already under warranty. Network your assets and manage them centrally across all categories, sites and departments.

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Maxismise asset value

Actively monitoring business assets to ensure cost-effectiveness, optimal performance and the continual value-add to your business. Ticked Off evaluates and compares the performance of your assets, including across the best-performing brands, and ensures your maintenance operation is working for you rather than against you.

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Discover deep data

Informed decisions are impossible without quality data and this often requires multiple data sources. Ticked Off collects and aggregates your asset data and interprets it. Get instant access to a holistic view of your repair and maintenance operation to make informed decisions at speed.

Get started with a Ticked Off demo

Learn how Ticked Off can help you to reduce financial waste and increase efficiency, with one simple solution.

Specialty Fashion Group saved over $2 Million in maintenance costs

A new way of managing repairs & maintenance enabled SFG to identify underperforming contractors, implement preventative maintenance, and stop paying for repairs covered by warranty.