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How Ticked Off Is Transforming Repairs and Maintenance

All Ticked Off features in one tidy place

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Repairs and maintenance reimagined
Streamline maintenance management, maximise resources and remain in control

Ticked Off is a sophisticated maintenance management solution, perfect for any business looking to maximise operational efficiency. App-first technology automates communication. Matching maintenance requests with qualified suppliers and facilitating the process from work order to completion. Allowing you to manage, plan and strategise with confidence.


Connect your teams with tasks
Unlock the true potential of your operations with unlimited intelligent checklists

Ticked Off provides a platform to effectively raise, share, track and report on tasks across your entire business. Providing real-time insights and reporting keeps your teams accountable and your business profitable.

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More locations, fewer problems
Customise and seamlessly connect multiple sites

Managing multiple sites, especially those that vary in nature, such as commercial offices and retail stores, can be tricky. Ticked Off allows you to create locations, sub & sub-sub locations with entirely customisable site-specific conditions. Enabling you to maintain a comprehensive view of your network and manage it efficiently.


Safe and sound
Customise and seamlessly connect multiple sites

Staff and visitor safety is a critical priority for businesses. Increasing your business' WHS compliance protects your staff, visitors and customers. Ticked Off provides your business with tools that automate safety processes and enhance individual accountability.

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Asset management

Keep tabs on your tech, tools & property
Reap the rewards of adequately organised, automated asset management

Keeping track of assets effectively across any business, big or small, can be challenging. Ticked Off simplifies tracking, automates the management and provides reporting on all asset categories. Allowing you to not only manage but maximise the value of your assets.

Contractor management

Reduce the cost of contractors
Easily integrate, manage and assess contractors and 3rd party vendors

Procuring and managing external resources can cost much more than the amount invoiced when factoring in procurement and management. Ticked Off integrates external contractors into your internal workflows. Establishing clear lines of communication, supplier and location-specific rules and automating processes. Allowing you to manage contractors on your terms, without the hassle.

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Eyes on the prize
Forecast, track and adapt with real-time reporting.

Understanding what is happening in a business at any time is difficult - but can be exceptionally valuable. Ticked Off collates and interprets your data. Providing you with a top-down view of your operations via smart dashboards. Allowing you accurately forecast, track and adapt as needed.

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