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There's a smarter way to do repairs and maintenance

Connect your whole team to insights that save time & money in your business.

Assets, contractors, repairs, reporting, & safety in one simple to use, maintenance app.


Increase your margins with refined repairs and maintenance management


Keep tabs on all your orders, tasks, requests and resources


Simple and effective, Optimise the health of your facilities' operations

Property Management

Build better business processes from the bottom up


Keep the classroom running, Connection with automation drives efficiency


Providing operational efficiency within your business.

A single source of truth

Take the frustrations and guesswork out of managing assets, repairs, and safety with Ticked Off's maintenance app.

Start using Ticked Off today

Start using Ticked Off today 

  • Intuitive app with a near zero learning curve, your staff will pick it up in seconds.
  • Local Support available when you need it, be it online chat, email or phone.

Not just another app

Ticked Off is mobile first but deceptively powerful. Designed from decades of development and facilities experience. 



Simple is an understatement. Watch your teams pick up their devices and start noticing items requiring action in seconds. 



Dream big! Ticked Off is built to scale as you do. Automate the mundane jobs of your team so they can do bigger and better.



Don’t try and fit a square peg in a round hole. We work with you to customise Ticked Off to work with your existing workflows.

Get started with a Ticked Off demo

Learn how Ticked Off can help you to reduce financial waste and increase efficiency, with one simple solution.

Also accessible on desktop, it is not just another to-do app. It is a productivity toolkit, workflow manager, and visibility centre designed to get more done in less time and with fewer mistakes. With an intuitive interface, powerful task management features, innovative reporting and visibility tools, Ticked Off is the best solution to streamline your repairs and maintenance.

Fully Featured Work Order Management

  • Log reactive and emergency repairs at a time that best suits you.
  • Manage internal resources with custom priorities, approvals, and site limits.
  • Create specific workflows and permissions for some or all sites, job categories and tasks.
  • Create automated workflows to reduce admin, time, and cost.

Contractor Performance Management

  • Centralised Contractor listing for all sites, categories, and requirements.
  • Automated contractor insurances, licenses, and registrations management.
  • Track contractor time on site, performance, and cost via PowerBi reports.
  • Easily on-board your existing Contractors or access Ticked Off Managed Services when you need help.
  • Configure rate cards based on category, location, and priority to match existing contracts in place.

Centralised Asset Management

  • Record all warranties, service agreements, knowledge based and service reports against each asset, scan barcode to access all permissible data.
  • Manage all site plans certifications and site specific conditions for suppliers to access.
  • Insights into which location, asset, or job category is costing you more and take action before it becomes a problem.

Workplace Health and Safety, without the paperwork! 

  • Skip painful paperwork with QR sign-in Contractor / Visitor sign in/out with remote access.
  • Create your own site-specific safety audit, actions, and assign for action.
  • Identify hazards, action immediately, and track trends through automated reporting.
  • Track Contractor time on site, performance, and simple star-rated 2-way feedback.

Better visibility with centralised reporting

  • Keep your finger on the pulse with easy access to data you need to make fast, informed decisions.
  • Monitor and report on contractor SLA performance and internal activity.
  • Build reports to quickly and drill into your data to see how your assets, sites, staff and suppliers are performing.

Designed with all user types in mind 

Great tech should simplify and automate those time-consuming admin functions, and Ticked Off does!  

Designed with all user types in mind
  • Leading user interface, design, and experience for all user types.
  • Easy to create your own automations saving time and money.
  • All photos, files, documents, and reports are easily available and searchable in one secure location.
  • App first technology, no legacy or outdated software.
  • Use across your whole business through ‘tagging’.
  • Fully customisable to meet your specific requirements.
  • Access everything from anywhere.
  • All your data securely stored in the cloud.
  • Choose the type of reports your CEO, CFO, and Operations Team need and when.
  • Automatic and tailored notifications, spend time on only the things that are important to you and your role.

Simple pricing

Choose the features that you need today and add-on as you expand.

With TIcked Off, you will have unlimited users, administrators and requests - no more tricky pricing structures!


Need just one feature?

If you need just one feature to make life easier, we’ll give it to you for free – ask us how.  

Stop paying for a solution that does just one thing. Whether it is digital checklists or site induction / visitor sign in, ask us how you can have this for free! 

Get started today with a free trial

Get started today with a free trial

Full onboarding, training, and support!

Our team will work with you to configure your Ticked Off account to your exact requirements and workflows.

Need a tradesman?

We’re not your typical software provider as we use our own software every day of the year to provide “Managed Services” via our 3,500 contractors across Australia and New Zealand.

Need a tradesman

Ticked Off keeps getting better and better

Not only do we have more features than anyone else, we are always adding more. 

Register for our webinar series or release notes and stay informed of new features and our development roadmap.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out how we rate on independent comparison sites. 

Join the growing number of businesses transforming how they manage repairs and maintenance, assets and safety with Ticked Off.

Ticked Off is used and loved by quality businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

Looking for help or technical support?

How do we compare with the others?




Asset Management

Ad hoc and preventative maintenance

Documents and files


Finance integration


Leading app design with 100% uptime


Offline functions available


Unlimited user accounts


Management / approval hierarchy


E-checklists and associated tasks


Internal job management


Auto nomination workflows


Contractor management


Sign in functionality


Lease management integration







You’re in good company

"Since using Ticked Off we have been able to streamline our store maintenance system, reduce workload for our Retail Management Teams, speed up the process of repairs, and control our maintenance costs. In a market where we need to be putting our best foot forward in our store presentation, Ticked Off is a valuable tool."