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Ticked Off stops spiralling costs in building and asset management, and simplifies your entire maintenance cycle

If you...

1. Are using spreadsheets to track data
2. Use manual communication like emails and chat to manage maintenance
3. Seem to be paying a lot for maintenance
4. Have systems that are not followed correctly each time 

Then you could save 5 or 6+ figures by automating and optimising your maintenance processes.


Ticked Off brings your contractors, staff, reporting personnel, and everyone involved in the maintenance process onto the same page. The result? Something magical! Everyone meets deadlines, stays on top of upcoming work, and handles reporting like it actually matters (because it does).

Ticked Off Maintenance Automation Software...

Eliminates maintenance cost overruns through tighter controls
Automates up to 85% of the processes to save time and resources
Gives real-time visibility on what is happening, who’s responsible, and what causes delays
Subdues excessive emergency breakdowns and the need for urgent fixes
Updates tasks in a few clicks to receive and provide updates
Is loved by contractors because it simplifies their management
And we’ve made it easy to switch because we take care of the onboarding

Get started with a Ticked Off demo

Learn how Ticked Off can help you to reduce financial waste and increase efficiency, with one simple solution.

How We Support You

Our Software, Your System
(Software Only)

If you already have a team of contractors performing maintenance that are managed by your in-house team, our software helps automate and control the process.

Organise your maintenance contractors through approvals, notifications, feedback, photos, deadline management, complete audits, and unlock the full potential of the software.

Managed Service 
(Software + Contractors)

Our managed service lets you delegate one or more maintenance jobs to our reliable team of contractors built over many years.

Get the best of both worlds by connecting world-class software with vetted contractors on a per job, or batch basis. We’ll take the hassle out of your maintenance.

Focus on the tasks that add to your bottom-line

Manual maintenance is costly, confusing and frustrating. It almost never goes to plan. We often see employees using spreadsheets, emails, and even WhatsApp to capture info to share with the team.

It’s a mundane, inefficient, and old school approach.

Ticked Off solves this problem completely by automating the workflow and integrating the processes with complete visibility.

It allows maintenance contractors to simply schedule and report in real-time with the click of a button. Everyone is on the same page until all work is Ticked Off.

Ticked Off Efficiencuy (15)

Maintenance operations at the click of a button

Handling day-to-day maintenance can be complicated. It has a lot of moving parts from reporting and progress tracking to safety and repairs, not to mention planned maintenance – and everything needs to be in perfect workflow.

The Ticked Off App drives congruency, information flow, accountability and cost reduction in a simple way. It helps solve problems with simple, scalable workflows that automate the mundane and bring full transparency to eliminate excuses.

Gain full control over every step of the maintenance process

With our real-time dashboards and reports, decision-makers see status, costs and processes of all maintenance requests, approvals and resources quickly and easily.

It provides intelligence about who is carrying out their job successfully, and who is lagging behind or may need more resources.

This way you get complete control while always ensuring accountability, something email can never achieve.

Ticked Off Efficiencuy (13)

Something Powerful. In One Solution. Anytime. Everywhere.

Bring your EAM, CMMS, safety audits, and work order management into one smart management solution.

  • Request, approve, & track work orders on mobile
  • Live reporting of costs & performance
  • Manage contractors & track site sign in/out
  • Complete safety audits and log incident reports
  • 24/7 Local support & dedicated onboarding
  • Review & approve jobs or incident reports on mobile
  • Preventative Maintenance & task scheduling
  • Track asset warranties to avoid paying warranty jobs
  • Manage assets with planned preventative maintenance
  • Custom built 3rd Party Integrations

Trusted By Australia's Best Businesses

Ticked Off is used and loved by quality businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

What Makes Ticked Off A One-Stop Solution?

Here's How It Works...


Intuitive app that your team can pick up and use in seconds - Request emergency repairs with photo descriptions, report safety incidents, and complete checklists from anywhere, on any device.

Set site limits so that urgent repairs can be actioned quickly and effectively, and automated alerts reduce the delay in chasing approvals for even complex approval workflows.



Track all current and upcoming work orders at a glance with real-time alerts and notifications. Review or approve requests or safety audits on your mobile, or your computer – you choose, and manage the entire R+M process from anywhere.

Stay compliant with safety checklists. Repairs or corrective actions can be logged, tracked, and audited directly from the checklist or incident report.


Contractors can easily accept, quote, schedule, and attend jobs, and once complete, attach service reports and send invoices with their own Ticked Off app. Stop surprise invoices - configure rate cards based on contractor, job type, priority and location.

Request, manage, and track stakeholder approval for quotes, and receive alerts before repairing assets under warranty so you're not overpaying.



Live reporting enables you to monitor and manage your business in real-time, with custom dashboards for specific KPI's to take guesswork out of your business.

Monitor and manage contractor SLA performance, track their time on site, and manage their performance on every job with a simple star-rated feedback system your frontline team can use.


Track and evaluate the effectiveness of your maintenance program to gain visibility into how effectively your strategy is meeting needs on the frontline, and make changes to improve the lifespan of your assets and safety of your team.


Get started with a Ticked Off demo

Learn how Ticked Off can help you to reduce financial waste and increase efficiency, with one simple solution.

You’re in good company

"Since using Ticked Off we have been able to streamline our store maintenance system, reduce workload for our Retail Management Teams, speed up the process of repairs, and control our maintenance costs. In a market where we need to be putting our best foot forward in our store presentation, Ticked Off is a valuable tool."