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Ticked Off Workplace Safety App
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If the phrases “Workplace Health & Safety”, “risk assessment”, and “compliance” conjure images of painful amounts of paperwork, you are not alone. Even the 21st-century solution to managing safety and compliance has only moved this tedious paperwork to our phones and computers without solving the core problem we have with all this work: Ensuring that issues raised get solved in a safe, timely, transparent way.

Connecting your safety management, risk assessments, and incident reports directly to the corrective actions and repairs reduces the risk of critical compliance or safety issues forgotten in a busy inbox or dusty filing cabinet.

Connecting teams is at the core of Ticked Off, and we wanted to share how you can start making safer decisions today.

Ticked Off WH&S Safety Checklist and Workplace Incident Management app


Accurate data collection

A robust solution for workplace health & safety starts with a central source of truth and accurate data collection.

Empower your entire team to capture safety issues and collect written & photo evidence, on any device. Using Ticked Off Checklists, you can build custom safety checklists, or use our existing templates for pre-start risk assessments, safety audits, and incident management.


Keep everyone informed

When an incident occurs, or safety issue needs attention, alert your safety manager and other key team members with real-time alerts.

Notify contractors on-site completing work automatically of any pre-existing site conditions such as Asbestos or new COVID conditions, as soon as they sign-on site.

Powerful live reporting keeps your leadership team of all the critical issues, without the excel spreadsheet. Reporting on incidents or failed safety audits ensures that you can reduce risks by tracking which assets or sites are causing the most problems.

Ticked Off Workplace Incident Management app


Issues raised are issues fixed

More than just a digital checklist or a siloed inspection app, Ticked Off reduces the risk to your business by ensuring full traceability for all issues raised so that nothing falls through the cracks.
From any safety audit, incident report, or risk assessment, assign issues identified a corrective issue that can be fixed immediately, or assigned to another team member, or contractor, to action later.

Creating corrective actions such as repairs, training needs or even a simple fix such as putting up the new WH&S signs, ensures that your whole team stays accountable, and all issues get resolved quickly, and safely.

Ticked Off WH&S Safety Management app


Interested in learning how your business can save time and money, whilst keeping staff and contractors safe in one easy to use app?

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